President Trump clashed with Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven at the joint press conference on Tuesday over his plans to put tariffs on steel and aluminum.

“So, we’re doing tariffs on steel,” Trump said beside Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven. The hilarity got even better, though.

After a reporter asked Trump a single question, no one in the room knew what to do. Watch.

Trump defended his actions against North Korea and then moved on to talk about his actions against Russian election meddling.

“You don’t want your system of votes to be compromised in anyway,” Trump said about possible Russian meddling in 2018. “We won’t allow that to happen. We will counteract it very strongly.”

“We’re doing a very, very deep study and coming out with very strong suggestions on the 2018 election.”

Trump has said repeatedly that Russia did not impact any vote totals in the 2016 race. Do you agree?