President Trump told reporters on Thursday that South Korea will make a “major announcement” concerning North Korea at 7 p.m. ET. It was not immediately clear what the South Korean announcement would be, but the announcement will come after a South Korean delegation to the White House came to brief Trump’s administration on the most recent talks with North Korea.

The announcement is could now be Kim Jong Un wants to meet with President Trump, according to Fox News.

These are the most significant talks to date between the two countries in almost a decade. The South Korean delegation leader will make the announcement from the briefing room podium. Trump said that is hopeful because of North Korea’s positive dialogue but that he needs to see more concrete steps toward a full denuclearization.

“All options are on the table and our posture toward the regime will not change until we see credible moves toward denuclearization,” a senior administration official told reporters on Tuesday. “What we are looking for is concrete steps toward denuclearization.”

The Trump doctrine against North Korea has been far different than Obama’s strategy of “strategic patience.” It seems to be paying off.

Everyone keep a lookout for the announcement from the White House in the upcoming 30 minutes.