A day after North Korea said they might be willing to give up their nuclear ambitions, the South China Morning Post reported that South Korea will deliver a “very unconventional” message from Kim Jong Un to President Trump.

Kim John-Un is proposing to send his sister, Kim Yo-jong to the US to begin talks between Washington and Pyongyang, says a South Korean diplomatic source.

“Kim Jong-un has a certain message, which is not publicised to be delivered directly to the Trump administration. It’s something very unconventional and something very unusual. I don’t know if the US will disclose this message to the public.”

North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un has now invited Trump to a meeting, said a U.S. official to Fox News. There are no plans to change the U.S. South Korea strategy at this point.

Do you think it is a good thing that North Korea is willing to work with us?