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If you haven’t heard the story, Oakland’s mayor issued a public “heads up” to criminal illegal aliens after an ICE raid was announced in her city. The Mayor’s name is Libby Schaaf and she issued a warning that put law enforcement lives in danger. What she did was reckless.

According to the Washington Times, President Trump has announced that his administration will look into how to punish the Oakland Mayor for her warning to illegal immigrants after the sweeps from federal authorities. Mr. Trump called her move “a disgrace” and said that it has needlessly put law enforcement at risk.

Jeff Sessions got on Tucker Carlon’s show on Fox News to talk about the situation. Watch Here: (Click The Play Button)

“This is a radical ideology. It’s contrary to the American law, the supreme law of the land is American immigration law and it must be enforced.”

Earlier President Trump said that sanctuary cities should be forced to give up grant money, he said his administration will prevail in the lawsuit against California and said that he is looking at Schaaf individually.

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