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There has been an ongoing feud arising between what seems to be Gov. Jerry Brown and the entire conservative community. While of course some liberals have jumped in on the issue, I think most people understand that the left is wrong on this one.

Gov. Brown has made it apparent that he is all for letting illegal immigrants (undocumented aliens) live freely in the United States. He is also in full support of sanctuary cities which give safe haven to illegals.

Recently, Gov. Brown has come under fire by President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who hit him hard publicly. The California governor slammed back by calling the Trump administration a “bunch of liars.”

Gov. Mike Huckabee just chimed in on the situation and gave Gov. Brown a fatal blow right on live tv for the world to see. Take a Look: 

If Gov Jerry Brown can defy federal immigration law, then will it be okay for a pro-life Governor to stop all abortions in his/her state because unborn not given due process guaranteed in 5th and 14th amendments? Sanctuary state for babies!

This tweet blew up and has the internet going wild. With both lefties trying to attack him and patriots who are defending his (true) tweet.

What are your thoughts? Is Mike Huckabee right about Jerry Brown and sanctuary cities? If yes please help keep this moving by giving this a Share!