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After the constant criticism that President Trump doesn’t act very presidential at all, he finally came back at those comments with a fascinating rebuttal.

Trump insisted that the American people would be ‘bored’ if he acted presidential. This was said in front of a huge crowd Saturday at a Pennsylvania rally for GOP congressional candidate Rick Saccone.

The president noted that most people probably would not even pay attention to his speeches if he acted ‘presidential.’

He makes the entire crowd laugh with his rebuttal. Watch Here: (Click The Play Button)

“Remember I used to say, how easy it is to be presidential? But you all would be out of here by now. You’d be so bored,” Trump told the crowd, before mocking himself being presidential.

I for one, don’t mind the way that President Trump acts because he is only making his community more engaged in the conversation and eager to listen to what he’ll say next.

It certainly is a great style of leadership that i think built his base in a way that none have done before. I say good for him.

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