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Legendary NBA star Shaquille O’Neal just broke the internet today when he said what no one saw coming on the school shooting and gun control problem.

This has been quite the hot topic as it is very controversial and an issue that needs to be solved without any hesitation.

While President Trump and conservatives alike say the best answer to stop these school shootings is NOT gun control but instead to beef up security at schools, democrats have come up with the opposite conclusion.

Shaquille O’Neal in an epic statement obliterates their logic and what he said is now going totally viral. Check it Out:

“Two things that have never mixed are children and guns,” O’Neal said during an interview on WABC Radio on Wednesday.

” … Something has to be done. You hear a lot of people talking about getting these guns off the streets. Only problem with that is there’s 15 million of them out there already on the streets. Another problem is, if you ban them, then you’re going to create an underground market, and the gun collectors are going to become more valuable.

“I think the quick fix now, the government should give law enforcement more money. Give more money, recruit more people, and the guys that are not ready to go in the streets, you put them in front of the schools. You put them in front of the schools, you put them behind the schools, you put them inside the schools.”

“Hopefully it sends a message to the powers that be,” O’Neal said. “We have to stop this. I mean, I would like to see tougher background checks. It was just a sad incident. I really feel for the parents. Imagine being a parent going to work and you get a call that your baby was gunned down for no reason. At all. … The children are the future. We have to protect our children. And if you can’t protect our children, in school, where are they safe?

Opinion: Wow! That was truly incredible and i agree with everything he just said. Police are supposed to be here to protect us and our kids. The same goes for guns. If you take away the guns we are all just sitting ducks.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Shaq is right? If so, let’s send him a message that we support his statement! Share this if you support! Thanks for reading and God Bless!