UPDATE: The Washington Post reported on Friday that FBI Director Andrew McCabe was fired two days before he was set to retire.

Mike Cernovich did not report this accurately and his sources appear to be terribly wrong.

According to Mike Cernovich, McCabe will not be fired by AG Jeff Sessions despite his clear cases of misconduct. McCabe is going to have a hefty pension from this and Cernovich’s sources have told him that Sessions will not drop the hammer.

Cernovich then tweeted that Jeff Sessions won’t fire McCabe today. Here is the tweet.

As my mother always said, Jeff Sessions is always like the balls on an old do. Always behind.

Jeff Sessions is currently deciding whether or not to fire FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe. According to Horowitz’s report, McCabe authorized leaks to the media and has misled the Inspector General.

Do you think we should fund McCabe’s pension for his treacherous activity?