Speaker Paul Ryan is passing the largest spending bill in US history to behind Obama’s trillion dollar stimulus. This comes right after President Trump spoke on Monday about how important the border wall is to battling the opioid crisis.

Once again, it is unlikely that the border wall will be included in Paul Ryan’ spending bill. It now looks like Paul Ryan will not include the wall in the bill.

Planned Parenthood and funding for sanctuary cities will be included in the bill, says Politico. The bill is $1.3 trillion spending bill.

The President asked for $25 billion to fund the wall in return for 2.5 years protection for Dreamers from deportation. About $900 million in funding for a New York-New Jersey infrastructure has been put to the side. Planned Parenthood funding will also be included in the bill and funding for sanctuary cities protecting undocumented immigrants will most likely be included.

Do you think that Paul Ryan should include these and not the wall?

Do you trust Paul Ryan?