About Me


My story is not just my story, but it is the story of every young black conservative in this country. And it is a story that must be heard.

Born in Puerto Rico, I know what it is like to live outside of the U.S., and see clearly how different it is to be an American. Living in America is the greatest privileged I could have ever dreamed of. My parents both Caribbean born, came to U.S. seeking a better life for me.

My Views

This is where my stance on illegal immigration comes in, I am totally against it. Here’s why. When we came to the U.S., we did it completely legally. It was one of the hardest and pain staking processes my family had to endure. Although me being born in Puerto Rico made me an American citizen by birth, my parents weren’t.

With that being said, one of the main factors of why it was so drawn-out and difficult was because of the thousands if not millions of people who were doing it illegally. I always thought to myself growing up, if people did not immigrate illegally, it would have saved my family an immense amount of hardship.

I am also totally pro-constitution. There is not one amendment that i disagree with as I a strong supporter of the first and second. I think everyone in the country has a right to speak their mind, whether or not it is controversial.

Which is why i have a big problem with the politically correct movement and the “Social Justice Warriors” who run rampant in not only news and media but in my entire generation. Seeing someone totally dismissed because they have offended another is not the way it is supposed to work, everyone has a voice, and it’s our God-given right to use it.

The entire agenda of the leftists is something that i see as a threat to modern western culture. Women everywhere are calling it a right to murder their babies in abortion. Some even proudly have abortions, which i find totally despicable.

You may be asking yourself where i stand on the current President of the United States, and yes i did vote for him. Do i believe he is the answer to all of our problems sent from God? No. One thing about me is that i believe 100% in the word of the bible. And in the bible we are taught not to put our trust in man, but in God alone. That is something that i will carry with me throughout my life.

While i do tend to agree with Trump on policy, i also like how he is not afraid to say what is on his minds. Unfortunately, this trait isn’t always a good thing. Basically, i believe that we should defend Trump where he needs to be defended, and criticize where he should be criticized. We are all just human in the grand scheme of things.

How i came to be a conservative

I began to take interest in current events and politics when i was 15. Not many my age really cared at the time, but i took a liking to finding out what was going on in the world. It is when i started looking at everything objectively is when i started to realize i wasn’t like most of my peers.

Usually, kids my age were listening to ‘gangster rap’ and talking slang. I was different, i was always raised to speak properly and to always be a respectable person. The removal of myself from the modern “Black Culture” was the gateway to really unlocking my mind and seeing things differently than your typical “black kid.”

After seeing how Obama and the Democrats manipulated my people into voting for them like mind controlled slaves, i knew there was no way i could associate myself with the left. It was from then i started realizing more and more that i had a conservative heart.

My Plans

As for right now, i am a 23 year old living in Philadelphia with his whole life ahead of him. I know that my future lies in politics in some way. Whether it is running for political office or trying to make a difference in other ways, i realize that i could one day change the way black people think about the Democrats.

With your support, i can help make that change happen. My plan is to start an organization for black conservatives and to stop all of the discrimination from the left against us. Anytime i express political views to a fellow person of color, i am immediately shut down and dismissed as an “Uncle Tom” or a “coon.”

This is a form of racial discrimination and if political correctness extended to the right maybe things would be very different. With your help and support, we can really change the way politics work here in America, and end the division.

Thank you all for taking the time to learn about me! God Bless!